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Marchio Specialità Terre dei Nuraghi


Terre dei nuraghi is the territorial brand of Marmilla.

This is the geographical sub-region of Sardinia, located in the central-southern area of the region.

It is bordered to the west and south by the Campidano, to the north-west by Mount Arci, to the north by the "Giara di Gesturi" and the "Giara di Serri", to the east by the "Flumini Mannu"

Marchio Specialità Terre dei Giganti


Terre dei Giganti is the territorial brand of Sinis.

Sinis is a peninsula in central-western Sardinia which lies between the bay of Is Arenas to the north and the Gulf of Oristano to the south.

In the sea to the west of the peninsula are the island of "Mal di Ventre" and the "Scoglio del Catalano".


Lands of griffins  is the territorial brand of Planargia.

Planargia is the  sub-region of north-central-western Sardinia between the lower valley of the Temo river and the northern slope of Montiferru, within the Province of Oristano and to a small extent in the Province of Nuoro.

Marchio Specialità Terre dei Grifoni


Ancient Lands  is the territorial brand of Mejlogu.

The Meilogu is the  historical geographical region of Sardinia which can be considered a sub-region of Logudoro.

The name means "middle place": in fact it was located exactly in the center of the "Giudicato di Torres".

Marchio Specialità Terre Antiche
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